Yes! we sell IATA rated pet travel cages.

We can supply IATA pet travel cages for pets travelling overseas.  Not all cages are created equally.  Cages need to have the following features and be the correct size.

  • Fibreglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood or plywood construction
  • Can not have wheels
  • The whole of one end of the container must be open, covered with bars, welded mesh or smooth expanded metal which is
    securely fixed to the container so that the animal cannot dislodge it.
  •  Any openings need to be nose and paw proof.
  • Door must be sealable - some countries require the door to be sealed.
  • Must be well ventilated
  • Water container must be present within the container with outside access for filling. Food containers must be present either
    within the container, if sealed, or attached to it for use in cases of delay
  • A green “Live Animals” label/tag
  • Other requirements

Below are examples of the cages we can supply in various sizes.


L50 8 L70-(3)

Prices range from 45.00 for a cat cage to around 200.00 for extremely large cages.

Contact us for a quote or to place an order.  We dont ship crates but you can collect them from our shop at 38 Shaw Rd, Wooloowin, Brisbane

Friday the Sheep dog

Taking my Dog or Cat to New Zealand

There movement of people between Australia and New Zealand has always been very easy, our governments work hard to keep it that way while ensuring the biosecurity of each country.

I was recently waiting in line at Christchurch airport in New Zealand and the tourist(Australian) in front of me was severely reprimanded because his golf clubs and shoes where covered in pretty fresh dirt (from Australia). He got a nice little fine for his lack of cleanliness. This points out that while you can get some pretty cheap flights and travel deals to go to NZ, we still need to be vigilant to ensure no foreign (Australian) pests make the journey with us or our pets.
For dogs and cats New Zealand has no quarantine1 period when heading there, and there is no quarantine (in most cases) period to return to Australia either, but there are a number of important preparations that need to be done to ensure that your pets travel experience is as easy as yours is.

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