What do I put my pet in?

Most airlines that depart from Australia will only except pets that are transported in an IATA acreddited crate of the correct size.

What is the correct size?

Take a look at the image and take the measurements described

A : is the Length of the pet from nose to base of tail...

B: is height to the base of the chest from the ground when standing.

C: is the width of the pet at its shoulders OR the widest point if not the shoulders

D: is the height of the pet from ground to the top of his head when standing looking forwards...

Take those measurements.

  1. The cage should be tall enough so the dog can stand without its head contacting the top.
  2. The cage should be twice as wide as the pet at minimum
  3. The cage should be about the the length (A) plus 1/2(B) at a minimum.
  • The cage should have ventilation holes all over it, but those holes must be small enough that no part of the animal can be pushed through.
  • The front door should be mesh to allow complete visualization of the pet without opening the door - but again no part of the pet should be able to pass through it.
  • There must be  water containers accessible refillable without opening the door.
  • The hinges and locks must be sturdy.
  • Cages can be made from Plastic or Wood traditionally.  For smaller pets plastic is better (it weighs less and that costs less in freighting)
  • The Cage must be very clean. (at least when they leave).

If you have any questions at all about the type of cage you should get - give us a call. +61733571588





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